One Church. For Peoria.

Reachway Church is a new church in the city of Peoria with a desire to embody the love of Jesus in our community. This website is the best place to stay updated and connected with the latest happenings at Reachway.

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Current Teaching Series

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Jesus Christ, Son of God, born in a manger.
The generations leading up to His birth expected it, and people haven’t stopped talking about it since. One detail of this story stands out beyond the rest. One detail changes everything.

heaven has come down to earth.

A four-week teaching series:
12.2 - 12.9 - 12.16 - 12.23 (all-family candlelight service)


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  Search ‘Reachway Church’ on your Apple Podcast app - be sure to subscribe!

Search ‘Reachway Church’ on your Apple Podcast app - be sure to subscribe!


Peoria - The City We Love

Peoria is a historic city that has seen many changes in its over 170-year history. Located in what is often refereed to as the heart of Illinois, its urban atmosphere offers a plethora of cultural dynamics. There are several realities that Reachway is mindful of, particularly as we consider engaging the city with the love and hope of Jesus Christ:

  • 115,000+ residents (370,000 in metro area)

  • Household income $10,000 less than state average

  • 22% of residents live at or below poverty threshold

  • 13,000+ public school students, 73% low-income, 4% homeless

  • Multiple under-resourced neighborhoods

  • 45% of residents religiously unaffiliated ("nones")